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Read testimonials from our clients...

John K.

Waterford, WI

In December of 2015 and January of 2016 our family hired Fox River Home Care to help with our 88 year old Father whom recently had minor back surgery. The office manager Angie and Owner Julie coordinated times of visits efficiently and the care givers were kind courteous and prompt.  My father was very pleased with their services.  You cannot go wrong with Fox River Home Care! They are truly great people. 

Doris M.

Burlington, WI

After my late husband past after his long fight with Alzheimer I slowly learned living on my own was harder than expected.  Slowly I lost the will to clean and cooking healthy wasn't a top priority even though my health needed it.  It was a hard process to ask for help but I am truly thankful I did.  Julie and Angie at Fox River Home Care were there from day one and I knew they were actually there for the right reasons.  I would recommend their services to anyone.

Read testimonials from our current employees...

Ashlee K.

"This job has changed me as a person for the better"

I am currently one of the care giver's for Fox River Home Care. This job has changed me as a person for the better, and is such an awesome company! Wonderful caregivers and staff that treat our clients with the upmost respect, care, and compassion! You will not be disappointed.

Kayla B.

"A heart warming place to work"

Fox River Home Care is a heart warming place to work. The staff is very welcoming and helpful.

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